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sunny bum

Thoughts on 2013

It appears I've stopped blogging for the most part, unfortunately. After writing my emails, tweets, tumblrs, and various forum posts, there's not much left I haven't said in some format or another. Besides, I kind of feel like people don't read blogs much anymore, especially personal diary-like blogs. Maybe I'm wrong.

2013 was a great year for me! I went on a fantastic honeymoon trip and didn't work more than a few minutes of it! Thailand and Cambodia were just as amazing as I had hoped they would be, and I will always want to return to Thailand to explore more of it and its lovely people.

This year also brought a new work ethic. I resolved to "get ahead," and get ahead I did! I now have over one year of updates in the vault, in case of emergencies or in case little wee Elli's come along. This is such a stress off my mind, as I mostly spent the last 15 years having *maybe* one or two months of updates ready in case of any emergency. That's right: I no longer have ANY excuse for missing an update. My Members from 2008-2009 may remember the spotty updates from those years, and I sincerely apologize for that. I had a lot going on in my life, but mostly I was being a procrastinator. It was totally my fault, and I'm sorry. Having this stash of updates ready to go at a moment's notice is very good; it keeps me accountable.

2013 was the year to Get In Shape, Girl! I got serious about working out, and as a result got the best ass and legs of my life (in my humble opinion.) Weight wasn't lost, but a ton of muscle tone was gained, which was my goal. After the Christmas season is over, I can't wait to get back in the pool. One of my Christmas gifts was even a new pair of running shoes to replace my seven year old pair! Does that mean I can call myself a "runner" now? How exciting!

I wish all of you out there who are reading a very safe and good-fortune-filled New Year. May fabulous health be your constant companion and the wind at your back! Love well and often, and don't let the haters get you down. Happy New Year!!


Happy 2014, Elli!
And happy 2014 to you, too! :)
Yay for surviving another year. :)

I'm still reading, just my usual quiet self. :)
Yay surviving! :)