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Aug. 5th, 2015


WIndows10, here we come!

You can call me old school or just plain old, but I have fond memories of building custom menus for my programs in DOS 6. I could choose to boot into WIndows 3.1.1 NT if I wanted, but the fun stuff was usually in DOS. I even read the 400 page book that came with DOS! Hah!

Since then I've had the pleasure of using:
Windows 95
WIndows 98
WIndows ME (goddamn fucking stupid thing came loaded on a laptop)
Windows XP Pro x64
Linux Mint
Windows 7 Pro x64

And today I am going to install Windows 10. We've come a long way, baby. Microsoft, don't fail me now. 

Aug. 3rd, 2015

Bum Walk

This week's newsletter is pretty hot!

You can check it out here: http://ellin*de.com/newsletter/2015-08-03-ElliNude_Newsletter.htm Where the * is a U.

Thanks, LJ. 

Jul. 26th, 2015


Ack LJ fail

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Jul. 24th, 2015

Caught Peeking

For my British fans

And basically all Brits who enjoy a quick peek at a nudie now and then. I was wondering how BT was implementing their Parental Controls, when I came across this post on Reddit today. What a hassle! Anyway, feel free to replicate this fellow's actions to remove the annoying filter. Argh. Why can't we be treated like adults?

I quote:

"I had the same thing last week.

  • Randomly decided to block the most harmless stuff because of "parental controls" which I have never requested or enabled

  • on this page it gave me an option to turn off parental controls by entering my username + password

  • I do so and it says I can't bypass it because I'm not set up to use parental controls (no fucking shit) and contact the account holder

  • I am the fucking account holder

  • Go through their help trying to see how to turn it off

  • Instructions all irrelevant because it is clearly not turned on in the first place so the button they says should say "Deactivate" just says "Activate".

  • Refuse to do what OP did (activate so I can then deactivate) out of principle

  • Phone their utterly fucking useless support

  • Get transferred between various lovely but clueless indian chaps and chappesses who, basically, tell me there's nothing they can do

  • At which point the block magically lifts itself

  • Not keen on accepting that since it could happen again without explanation, but the people on the phone are so useless, I give up and roll with it

Why they think it's acceptable to impose this weird censorship on me I have no idea, I'm paying to access the internet, I'm not paying to access the subset of the internet that some Mary fucking Whitehouse cunt in BT offices thinks is acceptable for me to access.

I mean the contract is pretty simple "We'll give you internet access if you give us fifteen quid a month", not "We'll give you some completely arbitrary subset of internet access that a moralising tosser in a cupboard approved for four year olds, if you give us a fifteen quid a month". Had that been the contract I wouldn't have signed up would I?

I'm going to take a wild guess that if I paid them twelve quid next month and included a patronising little message that I don't think they're mature enough to spend fifteen but maybe if they ask their parents they can have the rest, they wouldn't consider that acceptable, would they?

But of course when the corporation is the one shitting in the individual's cornflakes that's absolutely fine and we should just suck it up.

Nobody should pay these jokers, let it be known loudly and widely, they arbitrarily take away the service you're paying for, their support is literally less than useless, everything about them is dripping with contempt for their paying customers. Awful, awful company, awful broken product, awful incompetent customer service, awful of every single level, I beg anybody reading this who has the chance to not pay BT, to not do so. If I can persuade a single person to not pay these bellends it will be worth it."

Jul. 23rd, 2015


Get off my deck!

Seriously! I was breakfasting (yes, it's a verb now) on my deck in the sunshine this morning when my eyes fell on a white lump underneath my sun lounger. Moving the chair aside, I realized it was the very end of a large, white candle that had been allowed to burn down completely. The deck around it had gone greasy from the melted wax. Now, I have a very, very creaky deck and a yappy dog. The only time this could have happened was on the weekend, while we were away visiting parents on the Island. It looks like some stupid kids had huddled on our deck, just out of reach of the motion-sensor security light, and light a candle to get high to.

Do they not realize we are in a drought situation? Who in their right minds lights a candle and then leaves it to burn down completely on a cedar deck attached to a log cabin, surrounded by a dry cedar hedge? I knew we had some idle teenagers causing trouble in town this summer, but this is too far. We missed coming home to a pile of ashes by a stroke of good luck.

The neighbours have been notified, and we are going to let the police know to increase their patrols of the area. Oh, it just makes me sick to my stomach with worry. We're going camping next week, so hopefully the neighbours will be able to look in on things for us. This was supposed to be my stress-free week! Arg!

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