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green bra

Camping: The Finale

Tomorrow we get in our trusty new-to-us truck (his name is Frank) and trundle our way towards Merrit, BC. Looks pretty nice, eh? it is! It's a desert climate, which is nice, but not quite as hot as Osoyoos, which is even nicer. I'm looking forward to kayaking around the lake some more and sipping beers on the beach with my man. We might even make some new friends! It's always fun to chat with random folks at the campground. Because everyone is in vacation mode, there's a lot more relaxed banter to be had than in town on a regular work day.

This will be our last planned outing of the summer. We may get out again in early September, depending on the weather. Camping without school children around is more peaceful, after all! But overall I think I've had a lovely summer of it. I'm not really ready for winter, but somebody keeps telling me how many Fridays are left until Christmas and that number is shrinking at an alarming rate!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! I'll be back at my desk on Thursday morning!