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Bring on the snow!

I'm ready! It's been grown cold in the past few days here in Vancouver. After a balmy autumn, I'm ready for some real winter! Both our cars have their snow shoes on and new wiper blades to boot!

Time to turn the fire on (yes, it's gas, but it's all we have and cheaper to insure than wood) and snuggle! What do you do while you're toasting by the fire, Elli? I crochet! That's right, my friends are getting "bum gloves" this winter. They're easy to make and brainless enough that I can watch TV at the same time. So far I've made 4 1/2 pairs. The goal is 8.

I can't wait for the snow on the mountains! This year will be the year of snowshoeing, if I have anything to say about it! I tried it a few years ago, but havne't managed to get back up the mountain! I hear Cypress has a nice terrain park.

Have a great day, folks!


The idea of gas being cheaper than wood is interesting. We pay $2.19 U.S. per gallon, and I have years of free wood "on the ground" just waiting to be cut to size.

It's 10 degrees F here right now, and may go below zero by morning. With two very unusual early-season storms (both about a foot of snow; not quite enough for the snowshoes, but we have 'em and we're ready) under our belts so far, we're ahead of the game in terms of snow pack.

I've never crocheted, although I wasn't half bad with macrame before it became impossible to find the supplies. I did do some knitting 'way back when. I can remember knitting something on the order of forty feet of scarf, although the scarf never got much longer than a foot - I'd look back, realize that I'd dropped a stitch, rip the whole thing back to the beginning, and start over. Relaxing, but not terribly productive...
That's per gallon of propane, by the way - not gasoline.
Ah, our fireplace runs on natural gas, not propane. Propane would be pricey! In my neighbourhood, there is a Large Tree Association. You're only allowed to cut down one tree on your property for year, and then you still need a permit. So.. free wood is not free. :)

hahaha I made the same scarf last year! I finally got so frustrated I left it in a bundle on my bookshelf on permanent hiatus. I haven't tried knitting since my gran tried to teach me when I was 6 or so, but crochet I can definitely handle. I mean, the easy patterns I can handle. I'm not *that* talented. :)