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The Fatal Causes of Masturabation

I just thought I would share this Public Service Announcement regarding Masturbation, circa 1844. Please beware!


Superb! A case for more fellatio if I ever heard one. I will instruct my wife that it's a medical necessity. ;)
OMG I'm at panel six! Oh, wait it took me 67 years to get there! It's been worth the trip! LOL
Huh... I must be doing it wrong. I've been masturbating for a lot longer than 17 years, and (knock on wood) I haven't seen any of those symptoms. Well, aside from being my mother's hope!



WOW, I didnt know.
I'm SOOOO glad you copied this here.

Thank goodness we are able to protect ourselves from this evil.

I just don't really understand why I have not developed any of these symptoms.

I do agree as noted above, that more fellation and just plain fun sex might help me avoid all these terrible sickness results.

Anyway, again, THANKS
Everything killed you in the mid-1800s. Life expectancy back then was all of 30-35 years (Google knows everything). Today, we have things like lubricant that eliminate the fatal hand-to-genitalia friction that killed these unsuspecting folks 164 years ago :)
Oh dear. To think this stuff was believed was beyond me. Silly Catholic countries. :p



Help, I need one of you ladies to save me from this horrible fate.
another case of being single can be deadly

Gods response.

See what He actually said. It's cute.

HA, that's cute.

BTW, I found this via usemycomputer.com
Did you now? that is uber interesting.. I will have to find out what they're doing!