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Sep. 1st, 2015

Turns you on

Perhaps it's time...

For another issue of my Newsletter! As always, change out the * for a U!

Aug. 16th, 2015


SURPRISE Special Day at ElliN*de.com!

I will send a sexy pic to everyone who subscribes today! Just email me after you sign up and I will send you a very special photo to thank you for your support of my sexual adventures! :) Elligirl@gmail.com or elli@ellin*de.com where the * is a u!

Aug. 13th, 2015

Moans and groans

I had a wonderful camping holiday! Three nights is much better than two, because it gives a person two full days to explore. That feels like a far longer time than one full day. Twice as long, you see! After my lovely holiday, there was the drive home. Now, to a Canadian and maybe also to an American, 290km does not seem like a long journey. In fact, it is not nearly halfway across the mighty province of British Columbia. I've heard that to Europeans, this seems impossibly tedious.

Regardless, by the time I got home my back was a bit achey. Within three minutes of hopping out of the truck, my arm was bleeding. I caught it on the trailer tongue latch, you see. The propane tank was nestled in its Dairyland milk crate inside the tent trailer and needed to be removed. But I was lazy and didn't feel like cranking up the tent. So I opened the door and crawled into the 2'x2.5' space, bumping my head on the reverse side of the bunk bed. Wait, it gets better! Holding the tank only and not its crate, the crate slipped off the bottom and took a small chunk of flesh out of my ankle as payment for its rough treatment. And then I cut myself making dinner. Luckily I had some wine on hand that helped the (minor) pains fade to the background while I watched a weirdly interesting show on the Royal pets.

Back to work for now!

Aug. 8th, 2015

green bra

Camping: The Finale

Tomorrow we get in our trusty new-to-us truck (his name is Frank) and trundle our way towards Merrit, BC. Looks pretty nice, eh? it is! It's a desert climate, which is nice, but not quite as hot as Osoyoos, which is even nicer. I'm looking forward to kayaking around the lake some more and sipping beers on the beach with my man. We might even make some new friends! It's always fun to chat with random folks at the campground. Because everyone is in vacation mode, there's a lot more relaxed banter to be had than in town on a regular work day.

This will be our last planned outing of the summer. We may get out again in early September, depending on the weather. Camping without school children around is more peaceful, after all! But overall I think I've had a lovely summer of it. I'm not really ready for winter, but somebody keeps telling me how many Fridays are left until Christmas and that number is shrinking at an alarming rate!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! I'll be back at my desk on Thursday morning!

Aug. 6th, 2015


I'm living in the present, finally! (A brief Windows10 Review)

I've moved on out of the past, clouded by my rose-tinted love for Windows 7, and as of yesterday I'm working in the new and thrilling world of WIndows 10. Ok, so it's not quite that drastic a change. This is good. I didn't really want a life altering experience. In fact, this is just enough change. A quick review, based on my limited experience so far:

The Pretty
I love the start menu tiles. The layout customization is perfect!
The apps are pretty neat. Not as comprehensive in choice as the Apple store, of course, but I see the potential.
The ability to calibrate ClearText for each monitor is fabulous. My eyes are dancing with joy!
The snap-to edges finally works in dual monitor mode!
Logging in with just a PIN is great!
Dual monitor panoramic theme goodness!

The Ugly
The start menu tiles seem to re-order themselves a bit randomly after sleeping. This will probably be fixed in future.
You have to dig into the settings to really make it not phone home so much. MS really wants to "learn a lot about you." Like, a LOT.
Recently visited folders appear in your Quick Access panel until you turn that off. Turn that off. Go ahead, I'll wait.
Cortana doesn't work in Canada. I guess her English isn't good enough? I'd like to think this is due to our privacy laws, but it probably has more to do with localization.
The settings menu crashed a lot until I restarted a few times. Now it seems to be behaving.

The best part? All of my software acts normally. The worst part about upgrading an OS is usually the associated pain of updating the other software I use. Not so in this case! Everything seems to be peachy so far.

So far, so good, Microsoft! 

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